102 Jamz Radio Hosts, Listeners Rally For Trayvon Martin

12:19 AM, Mar 24, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- People across the country continue to rally for what they say is an injustice in the murder of a Florida teen.

Trayvon Martin was killed by a neighborhood watchman who said the 17-year-old looked suspicious. George Zimmerman has told police he shot Martin in self-defense.

As details continue to seep out about the case, many are taking to the streets to protest police handling of the investigation.

In New York, hundreds participated in a "Million Hoodie March" in honor of Martin who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt at the time of his murder.

The movement took life in the Triad Friday afternoon in the form of Skittles bags.

The Martin case has touched an emotional and socially conscious part of many in the Triad who feel they needed to do something in support of the Martin family.

Local radio station, 102 Jamz, spearheaded a drive to send empty Skittles bags to the Sanford, Florida police department.

They may not be in Sanford to protest in front of the police department but with stamps, envelopes and empty Skittles wrappers, they hope to make a difference nearly 600 miles away.

Outside a Greensboro post office Friday, a young girl chants with her grandmother: "We want justice! We want justice!" while holding a sign which read "Justice" for Trayvon Martin.

The radio listeners had gathered there for their rally against the Sanford Police Department.

The cries of the young girl and her grandmother echo the feeling by some who believe justice still hasn't been served in the Martin case.

"Even if you're not African-American and/or minority, you can look at the situation that went on with Trayvon and see something doesn't seem right," said Kyle Santillian, a 102 Jamz radio personality.

"It bothers me a lot because for someone to be able to get away with killing someone like that is terrible," Gemina Hayes, a rally participant added.

For Mary Bozeman, she feels Martin could have been her grandchild.

"What happened to Trayvon, it should have never happened," she said.

Joann Enoch, who came to the event with Bozeman, feels the same way.

"It could have been me. And I'm really mad about it because they have not arrested this man," Enoch said about Zimmerman.

That's the sentiment that moved the dozens of people who attended the post office rally to action.

"If anybody needs envelopes and I think I've got a Sharpie if you want to write 'justice' on the wrapper," Santillian yelled to the group.

Some came with pails of Skittles wrappers and posters. Some paited their cars "Justice for Trayvon." One group brought 60 wrappers from a local school.

The group put one Skittles bag each in an envelope and addressed them to the Sanford Police Department.

"I hope that when they open each envelope they'll feel, what we all feel every time we watch the news and we get no justice," said Toshamakia, a radio personality and one of the organizers.

Santillian explained, "We asked everybody to mail off the empty packs. That's for the fact that I'm sure [Trayvon's] parents, his family, his friends, his community have that empty feeling now that he's gone."

Trish Kahle, a member of the International Socialist Organization, came out in support and also to promote her group's rally on Saturday.

"It's been 300 years since this country was founded and they still can't find equality for all people. And we have to fight until everyone in this country is equal," she said.

North Carolina State Representative Marcus Brandon was also at the event.

"It's not a black issue. This is an American issue."

Students from Winston-Salem State University student radio came with a large stack of Skittles wrappers.

"It's getting old to hear something like this keeps happening," said Chalae Mills from WSSU.

After dropping all the filled envelopes in a mail drop-off slot, the group, shouted "Trayvon" before dispersing.

At 5pm on Saturday, March 24 another public rally is scheduled in Downtown Greensboro at the Governmental Plaza on Greene St. 

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