Police Say Albemarle Man Who Shot Daughter's Laptop Didn't Break Laws

1:58 PM, Feb 14, 2012   |    comments
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Albemarle, NC  --  The calls started coming to Albemarle police since a video of a Stanly County man shooting a laptop went viral last week. 

The video, posted on YouTube, shows Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter's computer after finding a facebook post in which she complained about her chores. 

"Some people saying 'finally a parent's doing something to take, take control' and then on the other side, you have people saying 'absolutely not, this is crossing the line," said Albemarle Police Chief William Halliburton.
Some have demanded that police take action. 

In one letter to the city, a person wrote, 'if that is against the law, suggest you enforce it and post his arrest on Youtube and Facebook.'  

Turns out, it is against the law to shoot a gun in Albemarle, but Jordan lives outside of city limits and in Stanly County, there is no such law. 

On Facebook, Jordan wrote of police, 'of course they came out. They received enough of 'oh my god he's going to kill his daughter' comments, that they had to.' 

Jordan also wrote, 'Police by the way said kudos sir and most of them had their kids watch it. I actually had a thank you from an entire detective squad."

"No officers from our department went out there to speak with him," said Halliburton.

Albemarle police and Stanly County deputies deny that they applauded Jordan for his actions as he claimed.  

Jordan is not speaking to the media about the video.


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