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An Iraq War Vet Talks About The Video Of Marines Urinating

11:48 PM, Jan 12, 2012   |    comments
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High Point, NC--  The video of the US Marines urinating on dead bodies in Afghanistan is circulating on the Internet. A big question on people's minds...why would someone do that?

News 2 looked at that question from an important perspective by sitting down with an Iraq war veteran who said war changes everything including things like rules and social norms.

Joe Crews is a retired Petty Officer in the US Navy who served most recently in Iraq in 2007. He fears that one negative act overshadows all the good the military does. He also explained that until you've been there, war is something most of us will never fully comprehend.

"That adrenaline kicks in and whatever happens to our body when we get to that point, sometimes doesn't allow us to stop."

Crews said that war affects your mentality, especially in the war-zone.  "Sometimes when we're in the heat of battle, that becomes a part of the problem where we do things that maybe we look back at later and decide that wasn't the best judgment call", added Crews.

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