The State's Presidential Primary In May Is One of The Last

7:16 PM, Jan 3, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- By the time North Carolina's May primary rolls around voters in 39 states have already cast their primary ballots.

So, looking at the big picture, is the North Carolina primary -- secondary?

To make our state's primary relevant this year some voters think it needs to move ahead of or at the same time as other states, but it's not a simple process.

Elon University Assistant Professor of Political Science, Mileah Kromer said besides legislative approval, moving the primary requires party approval, too.

Michigan and Florida caused a rift when they moved their primaries against party wishes and it worked against those states.

"So it's costly in the way that if you move it without going through the proper avenues your votes can essentially not count. It becomes more of a symbolic vote than an actual vote," explained Kromer.

Staying put made North Carolina matter in 2008.

And by this point, the hope is staying put will work again.

If you have two strong front runners like you had with Clinton and now President Obama, it might.

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