Youth From Across North Carolina Will Grant More Than $100,000

10:30 PM, Oct 29, 2011   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- About 150 high school-aged youth came together from across Western North Carolina to attend the 6th annual North Carolina Youth Giving Summit Saturday.

The summit is designed to prepare how and where the high school students will grant more than $100,000 to youth in their counties.

The funds have been donated from groups and people across the state who trust the kids to allocate the money how they see fit, as long as it helps youth.

Eric Rowles, the director of the North Carolina Youth Giving Network, said the kids are learning how to change their communities through grant making.

"They're learning about how to make decisions via consensus. How do you partner with local businesses? They're learning about how do you deal with conflict when one person says, 'I like that idea', another person says, 'I like that idea,'" he said.

At Saturday's Summit, the planning and training for the decision-making, as far as how to move forward with the allocation of funds took place.

"Some of these young people are doing drastic, drastic, drastic improvements in their community and it's really because not about of the money but because of the heart they have," said Rowles.

"Most kids have great ideas, they just don't have the resources to start the programs that they wish to start," said Lindsay Bowers, 17, from Jackson County.

"One of the things that we really want to target is boredom in our county because we feel that boredom is something that if you stop boredom then a lot of the problems are going to stop"Makes me feel great, also makes me feel like, 'hey I can actually make a difference even though I'm only 17," said Marshall Brown of Greensboro.

The North Carolina Youth Giving Network is a statewide collection of 24 different youth philanthropy sites.

The group representing eastern North Carolina met two weeks ago. In all, they are granting more than $100,000.

Community leaders selected the participating students based on qualities of commitment and passion for giving back to their communities.


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