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Are The President's Jobs Plan Incentives Enough?

10:06 PM, Sep 12, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Their job is to study the economy, dissect it, and analyze it.

So, we asked Elon Economy Professor Mark Kurt if President Barack Obama's Jobs Plan could work. His short answer, yes.

Kurt believes the key to creating jobs with this plan are the incentives to businesses for hiring long term unemployed ($4,000) and veterans ($5,600-$9,600).

He says that's enough of a chunk of change to spur businesses to hire. He equated it to us shopping and getting a 10% discount on something. Kurt says the incentives could be 10% of a salary, and enough for businesses to take a chance.

When asked when he thought we would see jobs created, he said in the short term. When asked to put a time on that, Kurt said in about a year's time.

Kurt was careful to say, this plan isn't going to get unemployement back to the 5% it was a few years ago, but he said when he looks at the incentives, the workshare part of the plan and the trickle down effect of people have more money in their pocket through cutting the payroll tax, the economy will be better off.

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