Pitsco Education Teams With Lego To Create Educational Robot

9:22 AM, Sep 4, 2011   |    comments
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Pittsburg, KS -- Pitsco Education curriculum receives some worldwide and celebrity recognition.  After teaming up with LEGO a few years ago the company has been up to big things developing new and fun ways to draw students into science, math and engineering.

Developed and manufactured in Pittsburg, TETRIX Building Systems are gaining a lot of attention.

"It's amazing, it really is, to see this product that we've grown over the last three years now being implemented into educational class rooms all over the world," says Tony Allen, the TETRIX product manager.  "Since April, we've had the opportunity to work with Will.i.am  from the Black Eyed Peas and his goal is to really get kids excited about the 'STEM' concept of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math."

TETRIX Research and Development Manager Paul Uttly says we are constantly surrounded by robots in everyday life, so what better way to promote that type of education than through the use of these systems where students receive lessons in programming, math, and mechanical engineering to name a few.

A humanoid robot on display is a perfect example of TETRIX Building Systems.  It can blink it's eyes, move it's arms, walk, and even talk, which gains and holds the interest of students.

"That does something to kids," Uttly says.  "We've taken this robot to different place and the kids just gravitate to it and I think it's because it resembles a human form.  It's more real to them.  It's fun.  It's interactive."

Pittsburg High School technology teacher Larry Dunekack says he never imagined in 41 years of teaching that robots would become part of the curriculum, but because of TETRIX students reap the benefits of a hands on approach.

"A lot of times in school what we did with science was and math is we talked about it, read about it, did paperwork with it, but didn't get to actually apply it," says Dunekack.  "It's been an adventure because every year something new comes along.  That's the nature of technology."

Pitsco plans to continue developing new and improved technology and hopes the help of celebrities like Will I Am can promote the products even further.

The company says they may also work with Joplin's Franklin Technology when they begin rebuilding.

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