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New Rule At McDain's Restaurant: No Kids Under Six Allowed

11:14 PM, Jul 10, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- What would you do if you took your young child to a restaurant and were turned away?

McDain's Restaurant outside of Pittsburgh is asking its customers to leave their young kids at home. Starting in a few days, the owner, Mike Vuick, said he is not allowing children under six to come to his restaurant.

Vuick said complaints have been accumulating from customers who were frustrated with children behaving badly.

Vuick said he is getting a lot of positive feedback from his customers. He said some of his customers with young kids have been offended by the rule.

Customers at Greensboro restaurants seemed to agree with Vuick. Brad Newton said he thinks having a rule is "going a bit far."

But, Newton added, "I do believe it's important to be a good parent. And when you realize your child's being out of control, to maybe remove the child from the restaurant."

Kris Kattman also said the rule didn't bother her.

"Because there are lots of restaurants today I don't choose to go to for whatever reason," said Kattman.

Many parents also said there are certain restaurants that are meant for kids. They said, if McDain's is not, parents should find another place to take their kids.

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