Gross: You Produce & Swallow A Liter Of Mucus Everyday

5:10 PM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- When you think allergies or sinus issues, you usually concentrate on what's happening in your nose; however, that is just the beginning.

Dr. John Clinger, an ear, nose and throat surgeon at Wake Forest Baptist, answered our nosy questions.

Your face and really your entire head hurts when you have a sinus infection or allergies because you have nasal cavities in your cheeks, over your eyes, and in the back of the nose. Those make you feel like the back of your head hurts.

Dr. Clinger says warm salty water or saline spray brings comfort and plain water doesn't. Normal water doesn't have the same salt balance of the lining of your nose, so it burns. 

Also, if you use a netti pot or something like it, you should never use tap water. He says it's not clean enough to put up your nose. 

And something to ick you out: your nose protects your lungs by producing mucus. The mucus is a filter to particles in the air that could be dangerous to your lungs. Your nose produces a liter of mucus a day and you swallow it...along with everything in it!

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