Your Next Doctor Visit Could Mean More Fees

6:19 PM, Oct 31, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - A Triad doctor says that one day he could soon see more fees being added to your doctors visit.

This after a Minnesota woman was charged $50 for asking too many questions.

"I don't feel like you can ask a doctor too many questions for your health." Mika Hall, a mother.

Added fees could become a sign of the times.

"I do understand...things go up...everything is going up," said Hall.

Greensboro mom, Martilla Godfrey has five kids and generally packs the patience during doctor visits.

"I have five children...each child...five to ten questions about each child," said Godfrey.

At this time, there is no word of any Triad doctors charging such fees.

And they're even suprising to Dr. Chan Badger of Northern Family Medicine.

"I personally can't see it myself because that's not the kind of person I am, however health care does change. I wouldn't have said 10 years-ago I would have charged someone for copying their records going forward." said Dr. Badger. 

Some folks we spoke to, say they'd be willing to pay.

"I think it centers on patient care and are they taking care of me. I'm willing to pay to take care of me and my health concerns," said Tyler Toomes, a law student.

"I can see even a small fee, but $50 for some extra questions is a lot," said Hall.

"I hate to say the word never, but health care is an evolving process. With the reform that's going to come out, I believe after the election, there are going to have to be changes to make the patient experience better and to provide better patient care. And make the profitability side work as well," said Dr. Badger.

If you're facing a questionable or unusual fees. You can file a fee dispute with the local American Medical Association. Or you can hire a billing advocate to help go through some of the bigger bills.

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