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Cell Control Claims To Keep Teens Safe On The Road

12:32 AM, Aug 31, 2010   |    comments
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  • The device claims it can keep teens from talking and texting while driving. But does it work?
  • The device claims it can keep teens from talking and texting while driving. But does it work?

Greensboro, NC -- Since May, we've been asking you to put away your phone while you drive as part of our Great Hang Up campaign. 

Today, the Crash Prevention Network showed us a tool that can make sure your teen can't text, talk or e-mail behind the wheel.
WFMY News 2 photojournalist Mike Fisch with more on cellcontrol.

Teen driver, Katie Kennedy said, "A lot of friends have been in wrecks and when you ask they why 'Oh I was texting' or 'Oh the person who hit me was texting.'" But you don't have to worry about Katie reaching for her cell phone. That's because her mom mom installed a device called cellcontrol.

Kim Kennedy, Katie's mom said, "Teenagers can tell us what they are doing but they may not always tell us what they are doing so its just another checkpoint to use to tell what's going on." 

cellcontrol enforces the mobile communications rules you set for your teen. It prohibits the use of the driver's cell phone and other mobile devices while the vehicle is in motion.  

Chuck Kennedy, Technical Director, Crash Prevention Network said, "The installation is as easy as reaching into your car. Finding the on-board diagnostic port. Plugging it in." 

We put cellcontrol to the test. To see how it worked, click play in the video window.

Teens can make and recieve calls while driving, but only to certain people on a list set up and approved by parents.

There's a website parents can monitor that shows if the device has been unplugged or tampered with. It can also show if teens go over a set speed.

You can find Cellcontrol prices and order online by clicking here.

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