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New Year, New You: Sticking With Workout Plans In 2014

9:18 AM, Jan 1, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A new year means New Year's resolutions.

Some of the most challenging habits to start or stop involve our personal health, and that usually means getting in shape.

Personal trainers at Black Dog Athletics in Greensboro spent Wednesday morning with WFMY News 2's Patrick Wright to teach you how to put together a solid workout plan and stick with it this year. 

The key to any successful workout plan is appropriate goal setting. It's important to set goals that fit into your lifestyle. Your goals should also be individualized and not someone else's goals. Also, making smaller goals can help you reach your bigger goals. 

Proper goal setting can help keep you on the track to success with your new workout plan. 

Another key to seeing results in your new workout is to eat properly. Nutrition is the core of any successful workout program. 

You should drink more water, eat whole grains and fibers, and increase the amount of meals to keep your metabolism going. You'll also want to decrease your sugar intake, make sure to never skip meals and avoid sodium intake. 

There are also many workouts to help keep you from plateauing in your program and help you keep it up for the entire year. 

The 'No Excuse Workout' includes combination exercises that you can do at home. Those include things, like push-up/t-rotations and squat/lunges. You can also try boxing exercises, ball drops and sled pushes to trick your body into growing more from your workouts. 

Check out these videos to learn more about keeping your New Year's resolution to work out this year. 

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