Bring Back Family Christmas With Chris Olsen

9:52 AM, Dec 7, 2013   |    comments
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Chris Olsen discusses ways you can bring the Christmas spirit back in your house.

"I am so comfy right now. There is nothing like a family room with big soft pillows and a big soft chair. But when it comes to Christmas decorating so many of us get into what is called the
"design look". We have designers that come - and I have nothing against that - I am a designer myself. But we have these beautiful design Christmas trees and sometimes we lose the family essence of Christmas. So what we did is - we put a second tree up here. And first of all notice it because it's the family tree but it's also white - it's flocked - so your ornaments show up so much better on this tree.

If you look real close they have ornaments from where they've travelled all over the country. Here's one from New York. They have you know, handmade ornaments. Love the tree topper! Look at these candy canes they are made out of fabric! It's a beautiful family tree - but don't forget about the kids room! They should have their own little tree- therefore they can pick it out themselves - they can pick out the ornaments! Here we have a little girls room. We have a great silver tinseled tree and it just matches her vibrant personality and she's picked all these great ornaments. Now were in the son's room. It's a little bit more
subdued. It's a little more masculine. This tree has all different types of sport ornaments.

Football, baseball - even this Razorback ornament says he's a Razorback fan. Even if you don't have a tree you can still accessorize kids rooms. Here for example on both sides of the boys bed we have a natural tree and on the other side a little sleigh with a little stuffed animal. Now we have a family Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas and your family - I'm Chris Olsen and you're watching Today's Home."

Chris Olsen

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