Chris Olsen's Tips For Decorating Your Mantle

9:35 AM, Nov 16, 2013   |    comments
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Chris Olsen has some ideas to decorate your mantle for the holiday season.

Take a look at Olsen's commentary below:

"Merry Christmas everybody! Now when it comes to decorating this year for the holidays, why not do something a little bit different with your mantle?

You don't have to do what you have done year after year and that is put a big long stretch of garland across the whole mantel - you don't even see your wood mantel.

We want to see it in this home - so what did we do? We concentrated on the two ends of the mantel. Instead we took sprigs of greenery. Now this is silk and the reason we used silk is because we don't have to worry about it drying out with the fire, so it's not a fire hazard and it looks fresh all the way until January. Then we added this wonderful silk succulents. Yes, you can use succulents even in Christmas. And of course you need a little bit of bling bling. We took our ornaments and then added spheres of willow branches and reindeer moss.

You can buy reindeer moss at any craft store and you can buy it in any color. It comes in lime green and it even comes in red, if you want to stick with your traditional colors. And even on the top of this little display look at this great Owl. It's made out of pine cones and also birch branches. It goes with our whole organic look.

Now the hole in the center of our mantle - we took some more
branches and painted them in white. Then we aged them with a kind of bronze glaze to blend in with everything else. 

Now we have a beautiful mantle that is not drowning in garland.
You can do this. You are watching Today's Home and I'm Chris Olsen."






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