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School Board: $80 Million Needed for GCS Projects

9:25 AM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Guilford County Board of Education has compiled and approved a list of nine Guilford County Schools priority projects that it estimates will cost $80 million.  The list now heads to the Board of Commissioners, who will determine how to allocate funding for the projects.

GCS director of maintenance Gerald Greeson explained GCS will recommend that the board use remaining funding from the 2008 school bond, which would cover both this list of projects and another list submitted in October. The total estimated costs of both projects is $1.24 billion--money both Greeson and GCS director of construction Julius Monk said most likely will not have to come out of taxpayers' pockets.

Monk said though the list has not yet gone before the commissioners and there are no locations determined for two schools that need full replacement, GCS uses a procedure to render an accurate and cost-effective estimate of how much each project would cost. GCS also adds in a three-year inflation.

The most costly project is the proposed complete replacement of Guilford Middle School, estimated to be $30.2 million.  Greeson cited the school's failing structure and pointed out the outdated bathrooms, sloped hallways, unsecure doorways, HVAC system and poor ventilation, exposed piping and asbestos flooring.  "There is nothing about this school that is energy efficient," he said.

Monk said logistically, if the commissioners approve the list of projects, the first step in replacing or renovating the nine schools would be to launch the design process--estimated to take six to eight months.  He said looking at and potentially using existing prototypes could cut down on the time needed to design the building.

Monk estimated the $30.2 million replacement of Guilford Middle would take two and a half to three years to complete. Students would remain in school in the existing building while construction begins on a new school at a now-undetermined location nearby.  He said 900 students, as opposed to the current 750 students, would be able to attend school there.

The other eight projects listed as "priority" by the board include:

  • The replacement of Hunter Elementary, which would cost $14.8 million and accommodate 500 students
  • The renovation and expansion of High Point Central, which would cost $12.3 million
  • The renovation of and addition to Western High, which would cost $6 million
  • The renovation of Bluford STEM academy, which would cost $7.7 million
  • The renovation of and addition to Smith High Athletics, which would cost $5.2 million
  • A traffic upgrade for Northwest High which would cost $1.1 million
  • A traffic upgrade for Dudley High, which would cost $750,000
  • A kitchen expansion for Northwood Elementary, which would cost $600,000

GCS said a date has not yet been set for when the county commissioners will take up the list of priority projects.

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