Chris Olsen: Elegent and "Cutesy" Fall Decorating Tips

8:22 AM, Oct 6, 2013   |    comments
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FALL DECORATING -- It's a fine time to start some fall decorating in and around your home.

So we called on Decorating Guru Chris Olsen to give us some ideas:

CHRIS: When we decorate for the fall season some of us don't like the "cutesy" look and
some of us like a little bit more elegant. Well, I like to blend the two together. I mean, really, why not?

Near the street is where I do the FUN type of Halloween Decorations.

I do this really for the kids --  like I've got these inflatable pumpkins and what is great about them is I did a whole bunch of them so it actually looks like a Pumpkin Patch.

 I even have these white fun ghosts just to add to the drama.

Now, at night , all of these are lit so it looks great and also weather resistant.

But, when you go through the gate to the other part of the yard it becomes a little bit more adult-like; a little bit more elegant so that it looks like Fall and Thanksgiving.

Not so much Halloween.

So, once Halloween is over, I
'll come out here and remove all of this and maybe add some
regular pumpkins and ghords and that carries me over all the way until Thanksgiving.

Then right after Thanksgiving, of course, I do the Christmas Decorating. So, use fun types of things near the street:  you can put ghosts up in a tree like I did here - it's just fun.

When the kids come trick or treating they are going to love it.

Then, when you enter the other part of the yard -- and don't even forget about the backyard -- you can go ahead and do groupings and clusters of different types of pumpkins.

Don't forget to add mums! I love using Yellow Mums because, remember, yellow is the first color your eye is attracted too or you can also use Marigolds or anything you want - even Tropical Croutons.

But, divide the look or blend it and you have yourself one Spooky yet Sophisticated Halloween look. I'm Chris Olsen - Happy Fall.


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