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Meet Greensboro's Mayoral Candidates: Robbie Perkins

8:49 AM, Oct 3, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- WFMY News 2 wants to make sure you know who you're voting for in Greensboro's mayoral election. Three names will be on Tuesday's primary ballot: current Mayor Robbie Perkins, Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan and George Hartzman.

The Good Morning Show is sitting down with each candidate for three minutes this week. Each will get a chance to answer a set of prepared questions live on the show.

Find Nancy Vaughan's responses here.

Find George Hartzman's responses here.

Mayor Robbie Perkins talked with Tracey Mccain about what he plans to do if re-elected.

What is the first thing that you feel needs fixing?

"Well, we fixed a lot since I've been mayor. City council and the mayor only have two employees, and we had neither when we took over. And since that time we hired one of the best city managers I think in the country, and a city attorney that's done a fine job. We have the strongest senior management team that Greensboro's ever had. Now, the key is positive attitude, and we want to instill a positive, can-do attitude for our city employees so that we can lead this city."

Every mayor has an agenda, so what are your plans for the first six months of office?

"Well, we already identified our priorities. Our priorities are jobs and economic development, public safety and infrastructure. And in all three of those categories we're going to continue to make progress. On our jobs and economic development, we've identified the airport, downtown and the Nanotech Center on Lee St. as our three key job centers. We're opening up Honda Jet this month for expansion. Downtown, we're going to have to do three transformational projects in the Performing Arts Center, the University Village and finish the greenway, and we're also going to polish up Elm St. And at the Nanotech Center, the city provided the land for the YMCA Hayes-Taylor expansion that will start in November."

What are the top two issues you see facing Greensboro right now, and how would you meet them head-on?

"Jobs and economic development, and we've got to hit this on all fronts. We got to work on the game-changing projects that are the auto-manufacturing center for the central part of NC, and we're partnering with other counties for that. We've also got to work on our small businesses, and what I propose to do with our small businesses is get the people together that give those small businesses advice: the bankers, the CPAs and the attorneys. And tell them what the city can do to help them expand jobs and growth in Greensboro."

As mayor, how do you plan to work with other Triad cities to make Greensboro better?

"This is one big market. When companies look to come in here they don't look at just Greensboro or High Point or Winston-Salem. They look at the entire region. We've got to make sure that we all work together so that our workforce is the best it can be because it's that workforce that causes them to look at Greensboro."

All three candidates agreed to come back for a series of discussions if there is a run-off election.

Primary elections are Tuesday, Oct. 8.

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