Commuter Apps Make For A Smooth Drive

8:04 AM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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If you dread the headaches of morning traffic we have a solution.  Try Gas Buddy and Trapster on your smartphones.

Gas Buddy uses your GPS to show you the cheapest gas nearby.  Some of the stations show up as a picture so you can make sure you are at the right location.

You can see the prices of all grades of gas as well as get directions to the location.  If you sign up for an accoun t and report prices of stations you visit you can actually win FREE gas!

Trapster helps you to avoid road hazards and police speed traps.  It too uses GPS to show you the nearby issues.  It will also monitor your speed and sound an alarm if you go too fast.  On the lighter side you can even choose audio themes to make it more fun.  Everything from SpongeBob to Austin Powers voices will alert you to hae nearby hazards.

Both are free and available on both Android and IPhones.

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