DC Shootings: Our Local Law Enforcement's Response

7:38 AM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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From the Colorado Theater massacre to the Sandy Hook tragedy - our country is now having to deal with another thoughtless shooting. Twelve people died when a lone gunman opened fire at a navy yard in Washington, DC. However, one thing we saw was the quick response from the hundreds of police, naval officers, local and federal agencies - all trying to help.  To shed some expertise on this, we asked Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page how our local law enforcement would have responded. 

Sheriff Page has been on the Rockingham County and Eden Police's Special Forces Team since 1985 and said there are many procedures in place to train and prepare for an emergency like this. "You can't always predict when an event is going to occur but the training for the response to the active shooter is most important." In a situation like this, officers need to be ready because minutes wasted could mean more lives lost.

Officers from different agencies were on the scene minutes after the first reports of shots fired. Sheriff Page explained our different jurisdictions "have a mutual aid assistance agreement" meaning they can call on each other for help. He also talked about a program he started after the Sandy Hook shootings to train officers in Rockingham County for dangerous and unexpected situations like these.  It's a two-day training program meant for responding patrol officers because they are usually the first ones on the scene. He said, the quicker they get to the active shooter and assess the situation and stop the threat they can save lives. 

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