The History And Future Of The Hayes-Taylor YMCA

9:44 AM, Sep 11, 2013   |    comments
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The YMCA is an institution in our country that serves more than ten thousand neighborhoods and has been around for the past 160 years.  In our area, the Hayes-Taylor YMCA offers our community everything from daycare services to summer camps to getting in shape, but they've done so much more . 

The history seen inside those walls include visits from civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and the Greensboro Four. However, after 75 years in the same facility they're looking to move to a better space.  I met with Larry Burnett, the Executive Director of the Hayes-Taylor YMCA, and he showed me why this move is needed. 

I also visited the new site for the Hayes-Taylor YMCA with Greg Jones, the President of the YMCA Greensboro. He showed me what their vision is for the new building and how it will enrich our community. They need 11 million dollars to turn this idea into a reality and have already raised close to 10 million. This is where you come in. They have opened the doors to allow public donations for the last million dollars. It is easy to pledge and your donation will help immensely. Click here to donate. 

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