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Transforming Your Kitchen With A Mini-Makover

8:38 AM, Jul 13, 2013   |    comments
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Submitted by Home and Garden Guru Chris Olsen: (Follow along by clicking the video above).

You know the family room used to be the heart of every home. Now, for most of us - it's the kitchen and this house is no exception!

Here are a few things you can do to your kitchen for you and your family.

Look at this great table.

It's kinda rustic. I like the nice natural wood. It's a little bit
more organic. Then they mixed and matched some nice cushioned chairs so they are very comfy as well.

Look at even this little stool they have underneath this great piece of art. This is repurposed. It used to be a piano bench. They went down to the discount store and bought this rug and reupholstered it with that.

What is great about piano benches is for the most part most of them open and close - so you can store things like cookbooks and recipes and that type of thing - and who doesn't need more

Then on the other side of this kitchen they have this little sitting area. So, they changed it up and made it into this little wine tasting area. Not a lot of us can afford wine cellars - I know I don't have one. This home owner has solved that problem by
having these two wine coolers and covered them in fabric by putting them together and now it becomes this perfect console table. I mean that is so smart.

Then right across from the wine coolers is these bar height chairs and tables and also eat their cheese.
We have two different sitting areas in one room. It's ideal for a family and also ideal for friends.

So, if you can put these elements together you can have yourself one great kitchen that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

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