Restuarant Equipment Must Meet National Sanitation Standards

5:30 PM, Jul 4, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- You know restaurants have to adhere to all kinds of rules. Employees must wear gloves, and cooks must use certain equipment. In fact, the mixer or tongs you use at home, may not cut it in a restaurant.

GGTCC Chef and instructor Keith Gardiner said the main thing is cleanability with NSF - National Sanitation Foundation. Gardiner said, "It's very confusing because a lot of times, especially mixers, you might have a mixer that you can buy as the 'professional model', but it is not NSF-approved."

Tongs can have nooks and crannies that can collect food particles, so they have to be be NSF-approved as well. "There's no nooks, no crannies, all the surfaces are very easily cleanable. And you remove the risk of food particles becoming sanitation hazards."

The maximum number of points a restaurant can lose for using the wrong equipment is two points.

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