Behind The Scenes Of "Under The Dome"

8:41 AM, Jun 24, 2013   |    comments
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CBS' new show, "Under The Dome" premieres tonight at 10pm. The power behind this show is a mix of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, and executive producers from shows such as "Lost," "Law and Order: SVU," and "E.R."

Before the show's premiere, I traveled to Wilmington to get a behind the scenes look at the town where the show films, interviews with the cast, and an inside perspective from the brains behind it all. The producers and actors say the idea of putting ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and seeing how they react is "Classic Stephen King."  Plus, the jump-out-of-your-seat thrills and action scenes are sure to bring viewers back every week.

We also went to the sleepy beach town of Southport, North Carolina which serves as some parts of the fictional town of Chester's Mill. We went to three different locations including one woman's house that is used as five different set locations. We got a tour from the film liaison and she told us what the dome is really made of!

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