Use household items as garden tools

8:08 AM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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Triad --  Yard tools can be expensive. Sometimes, it's good to go for the good ones. Other times, you don't need to spend a lot of money on them; sometimes you don't need to spend any. Here are some ideas from the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Have you ever been working in the yard and wished you had a portable work space? Try a dish pan. You can load it up with potting soil, all your tools, your gloves and whatever else you need and take it with you.

The gallon milk jug can prove quite handy. Cut off the bottom and you can make a scoop. (Check out the video to see where to cut) You can use the bottom of the container for a little disposable tray.

The Cut Worm is an evil little fellow who hides in the ground all day. Then he comes out at night and cuts off your plants at the base. Stop the rude little invader with a clean yogurt cup. Just put a collar around your little plants to keep the cut worm away.

A wheelbarrow is great - if you have one. They take up a lot of storage space in the garage. Want something that takes up a lot less space but is almost as effective for hauling around heavy stuff? Use a good old blue tarp or even an old vinyl table cloth. Put those bags of mulch on top and drag them around.

Sometimes rakes start to lose some "teeth". This is especially true for bamboo rakes. It doesn't mean you have to throw it away. You can make a mini rake to fit between rows in your garden or flower bed.

Finally, there's no reason to spend lots of money on expensive pruners. Just buy scissors at the Dollar Store. If they get dull, get a new pair. They only cost a dollar. If you leave them out in the rain and they get rusty, buying a new pair won't hurt so much when they only cost a dollar!

Better Homes and Gardens

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