Report: Some Cars Retain Value Better Than Others

7:53 AM, Jun 17, 2013   |    comments
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WFMY -- You've probably heard this before: As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it's value depreciates.

But according to, some car models hold their re-sale value better than others.

USA Today published the list from, showing which cars hold their value the best over a five year period. found the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck topped the list, holding on to 60.2 percent of it's value.

Also Chrysler Group's Jeep and Honda's Acura lines both have a model lineup that holds their value after five years, better than other brands.

According to, those brands topped the list in its "Best Retained Value Awards." But they also ranked individual car models.

In the sedan $20 to $30,000 category, the Honda Civic earned top spot, retaining 50.9 percent of its value after five years.

In the SUV $25 to $35,000 range, the Jeep Wrangler topped the list, retaining 56.5 percent of its value.

If your set of wheels is a van, the Honda Odyssey retained its value the best at 44.3 percent.

And for hybrid card, the Toyota Prius earned top spot. It retained 47.4 percent of its value. ranked a lot more cars in other categories.

You can find the entire list for each category here, so you can see where your car stacks up.

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