Keep The Law In Mind Before Hosting A Graduation Party For Minors

8:57 AM, Jun 8, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The weekend is filled with graduation ceremonies and some of you will honor your child's achievements in front of friends and family.

But before you get the party going at your home, the are some laws you should remember to avoid issues with the police.

Officer Douglas Campbell with the Greensboro Police Department has a few warnings for those hosting parties with WFMY News 2's Faith Abubey on the Saturday Good Morning Show.

Here are some things police want you to avoid if you see at a party: drug use, marijuana, ecstacy and underage possession.

Parents should remember to ask their children where they are going, who they will be with, what they will be doing and who is providing supervision. Parents should also call ahead to confirm details.

Officer Campbell wants graduates to think before they do something that could mess up their future. He says do not drink and drive or get into a car with an impaired driver. Also, don't allow anyone to talk you into taking drugs. Use good judgement.

Police say there are some other things that could have lifelong consequences. A criminal record, a sexual transmitted disease and an unplanned pregnancy can be with you forever.

Don't let your party get out of control. If you run into trouble, call the police immediately.

You can click on the video to watch more of the interview.

Greensboro Police

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