A Cool, Wet Spring Has Side Effects

3:11 PM, May 28, 2013   |    comments
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Triad -- Whether you have enjoyed the spring weather or not, there are some things that thrive in the cool air and moisture. You may wish they didn't.

The first one is the cutworm. According to Cissie Apple from A&A Plants, he may look innocent enough but he's a mean little devil. These worms hide in the ground during the day. At night, they come out and cut your plants off at the base. Then they crawl back in the ground at night - and probably laugh at you. Since conditions are right, you may want to try to prevent them with a spray or dust. Once they cut your plants down, there's no cure.

There are also aphids. Apple says they pierce the tender parts of plants and suck out the fluids. The good news is that they're easy to get rid of. Any insecticide should do the trick.

Did you know plants can actually hide from the sun? If a plant has been inside all winter, it hasn't seen much direct sunlight. Plants like the sun, but if you put one outside in full sunlight when it isn't used to it, it may just try to hide and wilt back a little. Just don't water it. That's not what it needs. Give it a few hours or a day and it should spring back up to life.

Plants can also get sunburned. After being inside, don't put them directly out in the sun all day. The leaves can turn brown and even fall off the plant. The good news is that they aren't necessarily dead. It's too late for those leaves but more should come back to replace them.  

Cissie Apple, A&A Plants

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