North Carolina Voter ID Bill In The Works

9:37 AM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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Raleigh, NC - The next election could be very different for North Carolina voters as legislators in Raleigh consider a bill that would require a photo ID to vote.

The House Elections Committee is in discussion to draft a voter ID bill to present to the General Assembly. Such a bill would almost assuredly pass as Governor McCrory and Republican leaders have all spoken out for a voter ID bill.

The details of the bill are unknown, but House Speaker Thom Tillis said in an interview with MSNBC on Saturday that the bill may include expired drivers license and student id's as valid id cards to vote.

While Republicans are largely in favor of a voter ID law, the NAACP and Democratic leaders in Raleigh see this as unnecessary and potentially burdensome on the elderly and the poor.

Durham Mayor Bill Bell told WRAL, "This is going to create a barrier that doesn't need to be there. I mean, this day and age, we ought to be trying to encourage people to vote and give them opportunity to vote. Not put blockades in front of them."

Republican Speaker Thom Tillis has said the reason for a Voter ID bill is to give voters confidence in the voting system, and said voter fraud is not on of the primary reasons for the bill.

There is little voter fraud in North Carolina according to the North Carolina Board of Elections.

In 2012, out of 4.5 million votes cast, there were only 30 cases of double voting and 83 cases of felons voting, making up .000025 percent of the voting population.

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