Kids In The Kitchen: 8-Year-Olds Olivia and Rebekah Make Easter Basket Cupcakes And Cake Pops

11:13 AM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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Our "Kids In The Kitchen" segments were such a huge hit that we decided to have a mini version with eight-year-old best friends Olivia and Rebekah.  Olivia made "Easter Egg Basket Cupcakes" and Rebekah made "Cake Pops."  The girls started baking with their moms and their favorite part is decorating the pastries.

Here are the recipes if you want to try them.

Easter Egg Basket Cupcakes
1 dozen cupcakes
1 bag jelly beans
2 cups white icing
Sweetened coconut, colored with green food coloring

How to make it
First, frost the cupcakes with white icing. Bend a pipe cleaner or a piece of red licorice into an arch and push the ends into the sides of each cupcake.
Shake the shredded coconut in a stainless steel bowl. Sprinkle on food coloring bit by bit, mixing vigorously to distribute the color
Place a pinch of shredded coconut on each iced cupcake. Now place three jelly beans on the "nest" of coconut.
Tie a small ribbon bow on the pipe cleaner or licorice handle at a jaunty angle.
Put one cupcake basket by each place setting at Easter brunch or give them as gifts.

Brownie Cake Pops
1 box of Brownie Mix  (Oil, Water and 2 eggs as directions call for)
15 craft sticks
2/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 tsp shortening
Pour Brownie Batter in a greased pan with one inch square
Cut brownies as box directions state
Let brownies cool for an hour than place them in the freezer for 30 minutes
Gently insert craft sticks into the brownie than freeze 30 minutes
Microwave chocolate chips and shortening and dip brownies into the chocolate and sprinkle with candies
Lay flat on wax paper to dry

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