Taking Everyday Items And Using Them For Something Else

10:15 AM, Feb 25, 2013   |    comments
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One of our favorite things to do on The Good Morning Show is taking everyday items and showing you different ways to use them. We have five do-it-yourself tips for today.

- You can use an empty Pringles container to store your uncooked spaghetti sticks.
- You can use an uncooked spaghetti stick to light a candle so you don't burn yourself.
- Arrange leftover food with a big circle in the middle so the food will heat up more evenly in the microwave.
- Also put a damp towel over leftover food when microwaving it, and it will help keep the moisture sealed in.
- Wrap a damp paper towel around your beverage, put it in the freezer, and in 15 minutes it'll almost be ice cold.

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