Duck & Salted Caramel Lozenge And Pink Himalayan Salt Block Seared Giant Prawn Recipes

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Video: Duck & Salted Caramel Lozenge Recipe

Courtesy: Forest Oaks Country Club

Duck & Salted Caramel Lozenge Recipe

For Salted Caramel:

Boil 1 can of sweetened condensed milk in a sauce pot, completely submerged in water (with the label removed) for 1hr on medium high heat. Flip the can over & boil for 1hr longer. let the can cool. Open the can carefully & place caramel in a prep bowl. Whisk 1oz of whiskey & specialty salts to taste, until uniform.

For the Lozenge:
Melt 1/4 cup of herb infused duck fat (chicken fat is also cool, bacon fat is always awesome...) in a prep bowl. Add 2 cups of tapioca maltodextrin, mix together with your hands until uniform. form lozenges into small cubes.

To serve: plate cubes of lozenges & top with a drizzle of salted caramel & coconut black sea salt

Pink Himalayan Salt Block Seared Giant Prawn Recipe
with Parmesan basil panko crust, red pepper reduction, parsley & lemon zest

For the panko crust:
melt 2tbsp butter on medium heat, stir in 1tbsp of minced garlic, saute until Slightly browned. Add panko breadcrumbs, finely chopped basil & Italian flat leaf parsley. Remove from heat & mix until breadcrumbs are coated evenly.

For red pepper reduction:
seed & squeeze 1 12oz can/jar or roasted red peppers. mince. Saute with 1tbsp of yellow onion in a small amount of olive oil until onions begin to caramelize (about 20min) on medium heat. Deglaze with 1tbsp of dry white wine & 2tbsp of Champagne vinegar. Add 2tsbp of sugar, salt & pepper. reduce until thick glaze.

To serve: Heat the salt block in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes to preheat. season the prawns with salt, pepper & lemon zest. seared each side for about 1 1/2 to 2min per side. remove from salt block, continued exposure will make them too salty. plate shrimp on an oven proof plate or pan. top with panko crust & refire in the oven for 2-3min until golden brown. garnish with parsley, lemon zest & juice. drizzle red pepper reduction over plate & enjoy!!

Note: How to find some of the ingredients not available at the grocery story: 
1. Tapioca Maltodextrin ca be purchased on (1lb runs about $19, but they sell 2oz portions too)
2. A Pink Himalayan Salt Plate is available at Sur La Table in Friendly Center for about $38. They are extremely versatile, I actually have 2...

Chef Andy Furness

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