Interesting Uses For Things Around The House

8:58 AM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The Good Morning Show shared interesting uses for things you have around the house.

The list, found on, gives new uses for wine corks, soy sauce packets, shower caps, chop sticks and other items.

To watch the two segments from Monday and Tuesday, click the video players in this story.

One recommendation is to mix corn starch with clear nail polish to create a matte finish on nails.

Cut a cork from a wine bottle at an angle and use it as a door stop.

Use a coffee filter to prevent pieces of cork from getting into your wine class if the cork falls into the bottle.

Freeze soy sauce packets you get with takeout food and use them as little ice packs on injuries or to reduce puffiness in your eyes.

Put a rubber band on the top of a screw to get more grip between the screwdriver and screw.

Use shower caps you get in hotels to cover your shoes so you don't get your clothes dirty in your luggage.

Part two from Tuesday:

Use a toast caddy or rack as a mail organizer.

Since we live in a world of automatic ice makers, you may have old ice trays. You can use them as organizers in your desk to separate paper clips and other items.

Use chop sticks to hold up a plant that is drooping.

Use a bar of a soap as a pincushion to keep pins and needles together. The article says the residue from the soap helps guide pins through fabric.

To sharpen scissors, fold up a piece of aluminum foil several times and cut through it.

If you have scuff marks on a pair of black shoes, fill them in with a black permanent marker.

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