Dreaming Of The Tropics? Grow A Pineapple

10:45 AM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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Triad --  Are you up for a challenge? Try growing your own pineapple. It's fairly easy, but it does require some patience.

Keep in mind this is something that will have to stay in your house during the winter. Pineapples can't tolerate frost or freezing temperatures.

First, pick out a good pineapple. The color isn't a good indicator.  You'll want to pick one with nice green leaves. Don't pick the one with brown or yellow on the leaves. You'll also know it's ripe if you can easily pull the leaves out.     

After you've made your selection, pull off the stem and leaves. It may seem like an impossible and painful task, but it isn't that hard. It actually pops right off. Enjoy the rest of your pineapple and set aside the stem to dry for a few days. 

Next, put your pineapple top in a glass of water so the bottom is covered. Remember to switch out the water every few days. After about three months, you'll start to see roots forming. That's the time to plant. Put it in some well draining soil and you're ready to go. For more steps, check out this website.

If you make it that far, the pineapple will take about 20-24 months to produce fruit. Unfortunately, it's only one fruit and the plant will only bring you a pineapple every other year. 

Maybe grocery store pineapples aren't so bad...


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