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Don't Miss: Top 5 Big Game TV Deals

6:58 PM, Jan 30, 2013   |    comments
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The countdown to the big day is on and super-sized football often spells super-sized TV discounts.

Traditionally, "Big Game" TV deals were so folks could get a big TV to enjoy the game. Over the last few years, this has changed as a time to snag a discount on TVs of all sizes. This also marks the end of the 2012 stock, as the 2013 models start to make their way to our stores.

Beginning next month, TV prices will go up and deals will be scarce. Also, as stores deplete their LCD stock with the new LED models, we'll see fewer deals.

I get absolutely no financial compensation for mentioning any company or flagging any deals. The purpose of this segment is to help you find deals and save money. That's it. Please keep in mind stores may change prices and the items below will sell out.

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32 Inches:

$30 off Toshiba 32" HDTV + free store pickup

Was: $259.99
Now: $229.88

$100 off Samsung 32" LED HDTV + free shipping

Was: $379.99
Now: $279.99

Top Pick:

43 Inches:

$100 off Samsung 43" Plasma HDTV + free store pickup

Was $499.99
Now $399.99

*Selling for $379.99 for a very limited time.

***Best rated of all the TVs on this list. My pick for Wednesday. Matches what we saw on Black Friday.

46 Inches:

$172 off RCA 46" LCD + free store pickup

Was: $549.99
Now: $378.00

**Surprisingly great TV. Well-reviewed. Performed very well in our tests.

50 Inches:

$200 off Toshiba 50" LED HDTV + Free Store Pickup

Was: $799.99
Now: $599.99

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Matt Granite

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