Chris Olsen's Winter Pool Makeover

9:30 AM, Jan 13, 2013   |    comments
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Chris Olsen's commentary from the video:

Oh what a beautiful sunny day and we are taking full advantage of this sunny day - in the winter time! Hey we have a great house here to show you. We are going to show you some "before" pictures.

First of all - we had lots of hardscape in this backyard, so
we wanted to soften the landscape and make it more inviting. Let's start with the side yard. This used to be a solid walkway - so that is all you saw. A fence, a pool pump and a walkway. we took out the walkway and first we did our drainage. Which we had to solve a problem we had - so we did a french drain. Then we went ahead and got these great cut flagstone stepping stones, with dwarf mondo grass in between.

So it gives us a nice cool look. Of course the fence was ugly. We couldn't get rid of the fence - but we painted it a nice brown color and we attached vine - so in a year or two we are going to have a living wall. Now come over here and look at these great palm trees.

You know depending upon where you live - these palm trees are windmill fan palms and they will last up to about ten degrees. So you can have a tropical look relatively in a cold climate. We also had another problem at this house. We have a pool and we have kids - but no storage.

So over here - we are still working on it - but we built these great storage closets and its attached to the house so it's going to blend in to the house. No everything can be stored outside you don't have to go in and out.

We even made space here for the grill - so the grill is no longer the focal point for the back of their house. The end result is we have a beautiful and vital landscape that friends and family can enjoy.

Chris Olsen

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