Poinsettia Challenge

9:14 AM, Jan 8, 2013   |    comments
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Triad --  You know that Poinsettia you got for Christmas?  How's it looking right now?  It may be looking fine right now, but every year they don't seem to make it much past February.  March if you're really careful.  Did you know there's a way to keep your plant around and looking good even for next Christmas?

These are tips from Kerry Mason from A&A Plants.

  • For now, treat it like any house plant.  Water and fertilize it.
  • When it gets warmer, you can put it outside.  They love the sun.  Just make sure low temperatures are consistently above 42 degrees.
  • Remember to cut them back between March and July to keep them from getting leggy.  Don't forget to give them plenty of water too.  Because they have a lot of flowers, they drink a lot of water.
  • As the days get shorter and colder, bring it back inside.

Here's the tricky part of keeping a Poinsettia alive.  It likes the natural light from the sun.  It likes total darkness after the sun goes down.  Mason suggests keeping it in a room beside a window.  When the sun goes down, put a box over it to make sure it doesn't see light, even if someone comes in and turns on the light.  When the sun comes back up, take the box off and let it soak up some rays. 

The color should return around December 10-15 so be patient.  If your house is decorated before your plant, don't worry.  Just give it a little more time. 

Kerry Mason, A&A Plants

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