Fiscal Cliff Deal Leaves Many Issues Still Unresolved

11:24 AM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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The House of Representatives passed a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff on Tuesday night, but it left many issues unresolved, including cuts in government spending and the national debt limit.

The deal postponed spending cuts for two months and did not address the debt limit.

The deal passed with bipartisan approval, with 85 Republicans and 172 Democrats voting for the deal.

151 Republicans in the House voted against the deal along with 16 Democrats. 

The U.S. will default on it's financial obligations at the end of February if the President and Congress do not come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling.

Martin Kifer, Assistant Professor at High Point University, talked about the impact of the unresolved issues on Wednesday's Good Morning Show, saying, "Because Congress did not deal with some of the bigger issues like the debt ceiling and spending cuts, continued arguments may prevent other legislation like gun legislation and immigration reform from being discussed."

Following the vote, President Obama flew back to Hawaii to resume a scheduled vacation.

He is expected to sign the bill into law in Hawaii. 

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