How To Protect Your Home From Carbon Monoxide

1:12 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --  We are all familiar with smoke detectors and how valuable they are in a home.  You can see smoke, you can smell it, but there is another gas that can really take hold and kill you, and that is carbon monoxide.

This is the time of the year when you need to think about carbon monoxide. Furnaces are starting to kick in with cold air coming in your house. Windows are closed, doors are closed, so that means you need to be more aware of it.  If the furnace is not operating properly, or the fire place, or water heater, or stove, any one of those things that is gas powered or fossil fueled can create carbon monoxide.

The answer is very simple, get a carbon monoxide detector.  They come in many forms and many brands.  The average cost for one is as low as $25.  Some can be a little more expensive if they have both a carbon monoxide and a smoke detector together, regardless $25 will get you covered.

You will want to place these in the bedrooms and the family room. Unlike a smoke detector, you just plug it into the wall.  No installing it into the ceiling.  You just plug it right into a socket that is on, and it is on 24 hours a day and it never stops.

As a matter fact, if you put one of these in your child's bedroom and for some reason they unplug it to plug something else in, it will automatically alarm so that you will know that it has been removed from the wall.  They are very efficient so you want to get these in bedrooms and other rooms.

Remember, cabon monoxide is odorless.  You can not see it,
you can not smell it.  It is a silent killer.  You need a alarm to make sure you are protected.

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