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Analyzing President Barack Obama's Deficit Plan

7:13 AM, Sep 21, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- President Barack Obama's new deficit reduction plan is drawing sharp criticism from Republican lawmakers. The proposal aims to trim more than three trillion dollars from the deficit through spending cuts and tax hikes on the rich.  Republican leaders call the plan class warfare and say it will not lead to economic growth.

Mileah Kromer is with the Political Science Department At Elon University.  She says this plan could be just what President Obama needs to get and stay in the spotlight at a time, Republicans are really taking center stage.  She says raising taxes isn't a popular idea, but taxing those who make the most is popular.

David Coates is an economics professor at Wake Forest University.  He also believes the president's plan faces an uphill battle.  He says the economics behind it are sound, but he believes people are more interested in the jobs bill and getting people back to work.

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