News 2 Questions McNair's General Contractor, Farley Associates

11:28 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- News 2 talked to the President of Farley Associates about why McNair Elementary School wasn't complete by the deadline.

Trey Farley, President of Farley Associates, Inc. talked to News 2's Liz Crawford on the phone.

Farley Associates, Inc. was the general contractor for the brand new McNair Elementary School until Guilford County Schools found them in default earlier this week.

Trey Farley would not do an interview but he offered some insight in his phone conversation with News 2's Liz Crawford.

Farley said there were "key subcontractor failures" that contributed to the McNair delay.

Subcontractors are chosen through a process known as "lowest responsible bidder." Farley would not say whether his team was able to choose subcontractors.

News 2 asked Trey Farley if there were money problems on other current projects. Farley's response to that was, "there is a bond in place on every job you do."

Meanwhile, McNair parents want to know why the school didn't announce the construction delay sooner.

News 2 requested internal Guilford County Schools e-mails. Those e-mails revealed that the district started thinking about backup plans in case of a delay in mid July. That's a whole month before they told parents.

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News 2's Liz Crawford asked the school why they didn't tell parents about construction delays when it first became apparent to them that construction was running behind schedule.

Nora Carr is the Chief of Staff for Guilford County Schools.

Carr said, "Hindsight 20/20, we would of, we should of communicated earlier, would have liked to communicated earlier. At the time we really had confidence that we would be in a much better place then where we are right now."

Right now McNair Elementary is still a construction site with leftover material, mounds of dirt, and building supplies.

The district told News 2 that delay concerns surfaced early but they wouldn't share the concerns for legal reasons. They also said they have back-up plans for all their projects. They just don't always feel the need to share them.

"Have we historically told parents every time or the public every time we've got a contingency plan? No, that's part of how we do business," added Carr.

Guilford County Schools said they could not declare Farley Associates, Inc. in default any sooner because of the legal process.

Had they not followed the process, it would have been taxpayers footing the bill to finish the project.

Now, all construction at McNair is delayed until a new general contractor can be hired to finish the project. There is no projected completion date.

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