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Community College No Longer Students' Second Choice

6:52 PM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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Thomasville, NC -- Thousands of people at Davidson County Community College (DCCC) already know the benefit of a two year degree.

For many, it's become their top choice instead of a fall back.

The community college has become as competitive at attracting students as four year institutions.

Nearly 17,000 students are enrolled here at DCCC annually.

A lot of you may think it's due to people getting re-trained after seeing furniture jobs go overseas, but college leaders say those numbers have leveled off.

It's the first-timers and people being retrained for advanced manufacturing that are making a difference now.

Sara Canada admits she once thought of the community college as a last resort.

"I was really interested at first in going to a university, but I'm really glad I decided to come to a community college. It's a lot smaller. You're a lot more connected with your teachers, and everyone is incredibly nice and helpful with everything that you need," said Canada. 

Now, she is less than 3 months away from graduating with an associate's degree in science, and she can't imagine having gone anywhere else.

"It's been a great step because it helps you save money and find out what you want to do," shared Canada. 

Curriculum at the community college now includes more than 50 programs.

Some programs are unique like the advanced manufacturing lab.

It's one of two at DCCC.

Canada could one day be like Glenn Snider.

Snider got his first degree at DCCC in the 90's.

Now, he's back to get more advanced training in industrial design, and DCCC once again offers an opportunity a 4-year school doesn't.

"I work my normal eight to five, and I'm able to come to school at night and still have my normal life. Going to a four-year university I'd not be able to do that," stated Snider. 

Besides the community college degree becoming popular amongst students is the fact that now Vice President Joe Biden has endorsed community college degrees.

So, you can imagine more people will consider it as they look to get educated even more to help themselves become more employable.

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