Home Remedies: Your Pantry May Contain All The Medicine You Need

10:53 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- For bumps, bruises, cuts, aches and colds, you probably run to the nearest medicine cabinet or pharmacy.

When was the last time you actually just grabbed something from your pantry that you use everyday for your hot meal? Wait, what? Yes, your pantry contains more than nourishment for the body, it has secrets that can heal.

Some may say those 'home remedies' are dated and would rather spend money at a drug store or going to the doctor.

So, WFMY News 2's Eric Chilton took that debate to some old-timers and an expert to find out if home remedies are magic or myth.

Experts say things like Elmer's Glue on splinters, strong smells for congestion, Gatorade for headaches and Colgate toothpaste on chemical burns can work.

But tomato paste doesn't cure boils, oatmeal doesn't help arthritis and vinegar won't get rid of those bruises.

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