Dangerous Trend: Adults and Teenagers Smoke Alcohol for Easy High

11:14 PM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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Adults and teenagers are smoking alcohol for an easy, dangerous high.

The trend is illegal in North Carolina, but all you need to do it is alcohol and dry ice.

Doctors say it's dangerous because it's like pouring alcohol into your lungs. Inhaling the alcohol vapors can dry out your mouth and nasal passages and raise your risk of infections.

Alcohol smokers can suffocate, convulse or go into a coma. There's also a risk of blisters and frostbite.

It can also cause deadly alcohol poisoning because there's no food or kidney to slow down the intake.

Experts also warn combining it with other drugs could be deadly.

Smoking alcohol was outlawed in North Carolina six years ago. It's a misdemeanor that could get you locked up for more than 100 days.

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