Food Trucks Rolling Toward Downtown Trial Run

6:25 PM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- On the heels of a popular food truck festival over the weekend, a two-month trial run for the restaurants on wheels will begin in downtown Greensboro next week.

Thousands of people attended the Spring Garden Food Truck Festival on Sunday evening. Many more will get a chance to sample what the trucks have to offer during October and November. The City of Greensboro is allowing them in downtown for the first time -- in a green space on Commerce Place.

Current city ordinances prohibit the trucks from operating downtown, but food truck fans and owners asked the city council for a chance to prove the trucks can benefit the local economy without hurting business for downtown restaurants.

"We really want to be downtown," Sam Shumaker said. He's one of the co-owners of The Great Escape food truck, which serves noodles and crepes. "We think it's silly not to have food trucks down there. We think it would bring more business to downtown Greensboro, not take away from business that's already going there."

During the trial run, eight food trucks each Monday through Friday will have the opportunity to serve food. Four will be able to serve during lunch hours and four will be able to serve during dinner hours. The city will study whether there's a measurable impact -- either positive or negative -- on downtown businesses and restaurants.

"It's of the highest priority to make sure that we're balancing all the concerns," said Reggie Delahanty, one of the city's small business managers. "I'd say the general opinion is that there's a compromise to be had in this. But we're not going to know what that compromise is until we see how this actually looks [downtown]."

Once the trial is over and the data analyzed, the city will consider whether permanently changing the ordinance is the best course of action.

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