Residents Concerned Damaged Roads Will Lead to Disaster

11:17 PM, Sep 15, 2012   |    comments
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Alamance County- Tangle Ridge Trail in Alamance County is in bad shape.

Neighbors say it's barely passable and it's gotten so bad the local fire department says residents should expect delays in response time during bad weather, if they can get a response at all.

The Pleasant Grove Volunteer Fire Department sent a letter to all Tangle Ridge Trail residents with that message.

The road is full of pot holes, bumps, and ditches.

This is a private road so the residents are responsible for fixing it.

The problem is that not everyone has paid their share and now that the fire department has threatened a cut in service, residents say, they're desperate for a fix.

"Now it's just, it's a safety issue of is someone going to have to die, or is someone going to have to get hurt? or is someone's house going to have to burn down before something really really happens?" said Laura Glode, a Tangle Ridge Trail resident.

Each resident signed a road contract, meaning they agreed to pay $300 for repairs. So far, they've only collected $4,500. The contract says residents don't have to pay until repairs are complete, so that may be the reason for the discrepancy.

A contractor came through and estimated that repair costs could be closer to $15,000.

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