Summerfield Woman Inspired To Become A Firefighter After Witnessing 9/11 As A Teenager

7:21 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: 9/11 Firefighters Inspire Others To Serve
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Summerfield, NC--  Jenna Daniels is a Summerfield firefighter who was inspired to join the department after 9/11.

On 9/11, we remember not just the victims but the heroes. We honor the responders who risked and sacrificed their lives to save mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, wives, and husbands.

For some, seeing those men and women give their lives for strangers inspired new career paths, where they risk their own lives.

News 2's Liz Crawford spoke with one woman who said 9/11 made her want to save others for a living.

Jenna Daniels was 16-years-old on 9/11. Like all of us, she watched the terror unfold across her television screen. But Jenna didn't just watch, she thought that one day she wanted to be one of those firefighters called to run towards the burning buildings.

Today she's a firefighter with the Summerfield Fire Department.

"You look at the images of 9/11. You see the bravery and the courage that was demonstrated and I think that only furthered my decision to want to be a firefighter," Jenna Daniels told News 2.

Daniels proves that out of great sorrow comes great heroism.

Daniels added, "Seeing those images even now, you get choked up. Yea, those firefighters didn't go into work that morning thinking that's going to be their last day."

In the 11 years since 9/11, Jenna has gained some new roles, not just as a firefighter, but a wife, and most recently, a new mom.

It's the role as mom that makes Jenna teary-eyed as she thinks about her profession and putting her own life on the line every morning she wakes up for work.

"If something did happen, I can at least know that my daughter would be proud of me."

On September 11th, 343 firefighters lost their lives in New York City.

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