Political Paradox: Gay Marriage Platform In A State That Said No

4:22 AM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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Charlotte, NC--  Same sex marriage is an issue the Democrats support. The majority of the state of North Carolina does not, creating a conflict with the DNC in Charlotte.

A huge part of the national conventions are writing and approving their platforms and broadcasting what they stand for. Gay marriage is in the democratic platform. However, they're doing it in a state that doesn't want it.

In May 2012, North Carolinians voted on an amendment that defines marriage as solely between a man and woman. So now, the democrats are trying to appeal to a group of people that might not support aspects of their platform.

"You have to pick and chose some of these issues that you want to stand by and you want to support and I think in North Carolina in particular and certainly Southern states, the issues around religion and gay marriage are so complicated that they're almost like an onion and you have to peel back the layers of that," said Sharon Warren Cook, Ph.D., with the Department of Sociology and Social Work at A & T University.

Cook believes issues surrounding social and religious beliefs are complex especially in Southern states. With the exception of the RNC last week in Tampa Bay, the DNC in Charlotte is the first time in 24 years that a political convention has been hosted in the Southeast.

However on the other hand, Omar Ali, Associate Professor of African American History & Politics at UNCG thinks this paradox is politics as usual.

The Democrats might tweak the way they address gay marriage to appeal to their audience but in the end, this is a national convention and North Carolina's stance won't make or break a platform.

"The national convention is the national convention. So while we're here in North Carolina and the amendment did not you know go through, it's also the case that they're reflecting the largest sentiment in America," said Ali.

News 2 found that gay marriage is definitely on the minds of some people. The majority of the protests and petitions around the TWC Arena are about abortion or gay marriage.

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