Undecided Voters Will Play Vital Role In Election

11:02 PM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- North Carolina is no doubt a battleground state this campaign season.

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are making trips to the state, rallying supporters and securing votes.

More often than not, voters go with the choice of their party, but this year because the election is so close, the undecided may decide who goes to the White House.

Less than 5 percent of voters or only 300,000 of North Carolina's 6 million voters do not know who they're voting for.

That small group is a big part of the candidates focus and they're using a variety of resources to get their votes.

"They're trying very hard to go on an individual basis, go door-to-door, make massive numbers of phone calls, voter id phone calls, even trying to reach people on the internet and so forth to figure out who it is who can be persuaded to go to one particular candidate and finally get out to vote for that person," explains Professor Martin Kifer, High Point University.

Kifer says because North Carolina is such an important state in this election, voters can expect plenty more campaign events and political commercials.

This is a winner-take-all state which means a candidate must win the popular vote to get those priceless electoral votes.

"That's why people are willing to spend a lot of resources to try to identify, persuade and finally get undecided voters because even though there may not be a ton at this point in time, those people's votes are just as valuable on election day as somebody who has already committed," explains Kifer.

Romney will be in High Point Sunday and Vice President Joe Biden will be in Durham Monday.

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