Bryan YMCA Employees, Alert Boy Bring Man Back To Life

10:55 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
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  • YMCA Greensboro

Greensboro, NC--  On Tuesday evening, an observant 8-year-old boy noticed a man was unconscious on the YMCA floor. And the boy didn't just walk away. He alerted staff, who used an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) to revive the man until EMS arrived.

It started as an average day at the Bryan YMCA in downtown Greensboro. One of the regulars, a man in his sixties was just walking the track around 7pm on Tuesday night. The YMCA staff told News 2 that cameras showed the man leave the track and take a drink from the water fountain.

After that, the man fell to the ground. That's where an 8-year-old boy found the man, wide-eyed and unresponsive. The boy ran for help.

"So one else was really doing anything, but that little boy noticed him," Siedah Holmes, a YMCA staff member told News 2.

Sarah Ward is a personal trainer and fitness attendant at the Bryan YMCA. She and Siedah Holmes were two of the first people to tend to the unresponsive man after the boy alerted them.

"We checked for a pulse. There was no pulse. His face was starting to turn blue so ran and got a defibrillator machine," said Ward.

"He was purple, you know. His face was purple. His neck was red. He was getting really cold. The way his items were placed on the floor, it was like he kind of fell," explained Siedah Holmes.

Tuesday night was not the first time a defibrillator was used at the Bryan YMCA, but the Executive Director told News 2, it was the first time that someone had to administer shocks.

After that one shock, the man started a faint pulse. The YMCA staff said it was a team effort of about four people until the EMS arrived.

Holmes said, "You had someone working the defibrillator, someone else checking his mouth and making sure that he was ok, holding his head up, because you know you needed more people than just one."

The Bryan YMCA staff found out on Wednesday that the man suffered cardiac arrest. He's still in the hospital but in stable condition.

Every staff member from the front desk to the fitness trainers must be trained in CPR and AED.

WFMY News 2

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