W-S To Vote On Car Parking Ordinance

2:57 PM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- City Council will vote on an ordinance that could ban people from parking cars on their front lawn.

The proposed ordinance would allow sections of town to ask the city council to ban parking on lawns in certain areas of town.

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Neighbors would need to designate an area and then get 70 percent of the people living in that area to sign a petition saying they don't want people parking on lawns in that area. Next, the council would also have to sign off and approve. Again, this is only talking about specific parts of town where community members have signed a petition.

Council member Denise D. Adams has led the charge for this ordinance.

"I will not stop pushing for this. I believe that, just like when I grew up, my city was a beautiful city from one end to the other. I believe we can get back to that," Adams said.

Mayor Allen Joines said he is still undecided about the ordinance, but thinks it might be tough to enforce.

"It certainly would add an additional burden to code enforcement and/or public safety officials. I'm not sure we want our public safety folks spending a lot of time with this," Joines said.

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